Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program


Are you looking for a new place to call home? There is a new tool that can allow you to purchase the home of your dreams without ever having to make a mortgage payment! The Reverse Mortgage Purchase program helps you purchase a home by using the equity that is already in the home! It’s a new financial tool that could be your solution to find a home that better fits your changing lifestyle.

Here are the benefits:

• Reverse Mortgage Purchase program is insured by FHA.

Get more home for less out of pocket with a Reverse Mortgage Purchase versus paying all cash.

• Increase your buying power with the Reverse Mortgage Purchase program.

• Afford more upgrades.

• The Reverse Mortgage Purchase allows for the sale and the financing to be done in one transaction..

• There are no monthly mortgage payments as long as you live in the home.

• You retain title to the home!

The Reverse Mortgage Purchase program is a great financial tool  for seniors looking to downsize, upsize or move. Instead of paying all cash, use the power of the Reverse Mortgage Purchase to give you more buying power while leaving money in your bank account. Bigger home. More upgrades. No monthly mortgage payments. It’s simple. You make a down payment determined by the purchase price of the home and the age of the youngest borrower and the balance is financed with the Reverse Mortgage Purchase program. There are no monthly mortgage payments required. Homeowner is responsible for paying property taxes, insurance, HOA and other normal housing expenses.

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